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Europe and especially Germany are known for export, but there is also a large import business. European customers are very open minded, willing to try new things, once they found something better than the product they normally use, they switch to the new brand and continue buying it, until they find something more improved. It’s hard to find better handcrafted items, machines, cars or houses then the stuff the europeans produce, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t millions of products they would love to purchase from foreign countries.

For example: There is a high demand for candy, crackers, chips etc. from the USA. Also things like Yankee Candle, California Scents run as well as cake-mixes. or cereals.

If you would like to offer your products do not hesitate and contact us today. There are many way’s to get your products presented in european stores. You can either choose to start with a small delivery and try the acceptance of your goods at one of our teststores (or one of our Onlineshops), or you can start big with a whole containerload which we will provide through our network of wholesalers and retailers.

Our main market is importing products from USA to Europe. „Made in USA“ is a valued stamp here. Expand your business to Europe and be part of our companies, conquer the european market with our assistance.


Knowing about the problems of exporting to Europe, we started building a network of professional import-related businisses including tax offices, customs offices, customs clearance angencies, transport companies, laywer, german tax specialists etc.. We know how to import items and can provide you with a network of wholesalers and retailers to start your business in Europe.

We offer storage rooms, a team of salesmen who provide products to new businesspartners in Europe, two teststores to try acceptance in the european market before the big market launch. We also have knowledge of what the european businesspartners are interested to see in tradeshows, which of them are well frequented and also offer the service of presenting your brand either on a shared booth with our company or on a unique tradeshow booth with only your brand.

We take our time to plan, manage and control your market launch in Europe. We have the knowledge, techniques and specific tools to make your project highly efficient and all the needed skills to help you reach your goals on the european market.


Is your product something that is in high demand on european markets? Is there a chance to distribute large amounts? Can you improve your business with export?  Let us help you find the answers. We have the resources to test the acceptance of your products and the chances of success in Europe. This is the most important thing to know before starting to ship containerloads of certain products.


To find out if a product is selling well or not, we have opened up 2 teststores in the Kaiserslautern area.

We choose the Kaiserslautern area because of the fact that it is home to one of the biggest NATO – Bases, creating a pool of customers that best represent the european market. With people from USA, England, Scottland, Canada, Netherlands, Denmark etc. and France is only 45 minutes away, we have a rich variety of customers.


We offer 2 different styles of retail test stores:


The Dragonfly Inn Store:

A small store, located in the center of Kaiserslautern. Compareable to a store in a Mall or a specific commercial zone. Here we offer Candles, Decorations, Food (Snacks, Beverages, Candy etc.). This shop is frequented by window shoppers, people walking by exploring the stores in that commercial zone.


Kaufhaus für Import / KFI Store

A grocery store, well known for it’s imported products in a commercial zone with other big stores compareable to Target or Walmart. Customers come by car to find imported products which they are unable to find in regular grocery stores. This is the best place to test products for making big businesses.


The onlineshops and the eCommerce market are the fastest growing market in whole Europe. We are in the prime position of having connections to the biggest onlineshops offering imported products. There is also a software developing company connected to our network, offering customized retail management systems, webshops etc.

So if you plan to open up your own european webshop, we have the ability to help you finding professional partners, storages etc.


You can also profit from our  webshop network and offer your product through existing webshops. We offer your items to our biggest online shop providers, and if your product  is getting a place in their product range,  the biggest step in european markets is taken.

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